Ace Combat Assault Horizon Trailer

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#51 Posted by Dain22 (319 posts) -

I really hope they put out a demo for this on the 360.

#52 Posted by Swoxx (3006 posts) -

FUCKING SOLD. I love the cinematic music in the AC games

#53 Edited by darkjester74 (1591 posts) -

OK, I have to admit that looked awesome.  Going to have to approach this as an action game though.  Might as well be a third person shooter.

And that music is amazing!

#54 Posted by GnsDemon (115 posts) -

I love you giantbomb. your the best. Lets get married!

#55 Posted by AxleBro (798 posts) -

they should embrace how crazy this game is, and make it as insane as afterburner climax. i love that game lol

#56 Posted by Absolute_Zero (242 posts) -

It takes two missiles (minimum) plus some bullets to shoot down an enemy, but you're out after one missile? :|

Also, I hope you can disable that missile lock sound. "Yes game, I'm aware that I have a lock on the only enemy in my field of view. It's not like the red square on him makes that obvious enough..."

But I still want this SO BAD! X_X

#57 Posted by arch4non (443 posts) -

Eh, not a big fan of that cinematic mode. I'll be playing the entirety of the game in cockpit view.

#58 Posted by jordanbines (4 posts) -

I must have this game. I will have this game. It looks insane.

#59 Posted by Dallas_Raines (2193 posts) -

Damn, that looks badass

#60 Posted by whitesox (225 posts) -

The music in AC games is fucking fantastic.   Can't wait for this.
One thing I don't understand, is the new emphasis on gun fighting.  Maybe, though I doubt it, the new game will include a mode where you will not have 185 missiles, because at that point, there really is no reason to use your cannons.
Loved the previous AC games, so excited for that.

#61 Posted by iWonder (454 posts) -

This looks fucking amazing! Consider me sold.

#62 Posted by Rasgueado (719 posts) -

Apart from... well... I'm not sure a fighter pilot would have clearance to fire machine gun rounds that close to the ground while pointed at houses... but you know. It looks all 'splodey.

#63 Posted by golguin (4005 posts) -

That over the shoulder dog fight mode looked pretty crazy. I always play my ace combat games from the first person non cockpit perspective so it looked strange to actually see the plane flying around.

#64 Posted by Olivaw (1215 posts) -

I really appreciate how they made it so all the cinematic bullshit you see in trailers is all stuff you can actually do and control in this game.
Though I kind of wish you could play those cinematic dogfights from the cockpit view. That's how I rolled in Ace Combat games, after I got good at them.

#65 Edited by warmonked (370 posts) -

wow. It looks and sounds great. Not sure I'd like the gameplay though. It looks repetitive. In general flying around in circles trying to get behind someone and killing someone by locking a missile are not usually fun.

#66 Posted by Marshermallow (221 posts) -

Shit, this game looks crazy!!

#67 Posted by Mustard (173 posts) -

I LOVED Ace combat 4, 5, and 6.... After watching this. I don't think I could be any less interested. :(

#68 Posted by smiddy (365 posts) -

I'm a massive fan of the series and this looks great, very cinematic and visceral. But a couple of things, first I guess they're introducing the "dogfight mode" as a way to take down special enemies that couldn't be hit otherwise? It looks really cool, but I can see it becoming a pain if I'm forced to do it over and over again. Secondly, the Ace Combat games have always had these ridiculous ammo counts, with aircraft carrying hundreds of missiles, with this new dogfight mode it seems crazy that anyone would use guns when you'd surely hit them everytime with missiles at that range.

#69 Posted by Stepside (516 posts) -

Looks cool...a bit headache inducing in that dogfight mode, but hopefully you can switch to play in cockpit mode the whole time.

#70 Edited by MeatSim (10925 posts) -

That guy just had to hit the JumboTron with his jet.

#71 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2139 posts) -

I'd love to have some of this gameplay in a space sim.

#72 Posted by Toxin066 (3319 posts) -

Yup. Pre-ordered.

#73 Posted by White (1402 posts) -

This game would be alot more cooler if you were in slow-mo when you go from the "ironsights" to the normal view after blowing up a jet. Add in a turbo boost immediately after that to give a real sense of speed.
That one's on me, Namco. Take it.

#74 Posted by dyong (331 posts) -

Wait! We're not using made-up names for Bizzaro USA and Bizzaro Europe anymore!?

#75 Posted by oatz (1103 posts) -

holy fuck this looks so good

#76 Posted by TheVampireBoy (85 posts) -

this looks pretty good, but it aint an ace combat game if there is no chase the train sequence. those sequences rocked. 

#77 Posted by raikoh05 (421 posts) -

I like the part where it turned into an over the shoulder 3rd person shooter, looks nice

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