Some thoughts on the trailer, and why it's so damn exciting.

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As a guy who has bought and S-ranked every single Ace Combat game from 4 to 6, including Zero, I am so immensely stoked that there is a new proper console version of Ace Combat. That said, I am probably one of the few die hards who is not worried at all about those QTEs you see in the trailer, or about the camera, or anything at all really. In fact, I'm so immensely stoked by this game that I'm even surprised at myself, considering how radically different it is from previous Ace Combat titles and how well I'd learned to play them (protip: head on passes are a guaranteed kill.) 
I've got a few reasons why I'm excited, and a few here or there where I'm a tad bummed, but here goes. 
1. It might not be as authentic, but was Ace Combat ever really authentic? 
With the QTEs, the close in camera, the delicate gun aiming, the close as hell proximity to buildings, this is not the Ace Combat "fuel air bomb from 25,000 feet" approach, nor is it really the traditional Ace Combat way of really penalizing you for getting in too close to an enemy or too low to the ground, where you might crash your plane directly into the back of the one you were pursuing or a nice grassy hill. Sure that might be more realistic and I liked it anyway, but what is wrong with the new direction in and of itself? The shots we get in the trailer might be crazy in how over the top they are, but if other Ace Combat fans are going to complain that Namco Bandai dumbed it down or went off the deep end with the crazy when Ace combat 6 was trying to teach us to dance with angels while fighting massive flying fortresses, I'll take the cinematic approach any day.  
2. Shit's getting real(ish). 
Yeah, along with Joint Assault we're in the real world. I have a lot of affection for Osea and Yuktobania and Belka (for you vets) and that story arc, and while I have mixed feelings about the real world setting, when the music swelled up and the pilot ejected after that gnarly Akula shot him down, I realized that it's not really that universe I liked about Ace Combat, rather it's that kind of dramatic feeling you get when you play it, with allies yelling at each other over the radio and building tension, and before you know it an enemy ace squadron is bearing down on you. If Ace Combat keeps that kind of narrative structure, where your actions matter in the world and you can still latch on to that combat high that was so fulfilling in the early games (and with such a close in camera, that doesn't seem hard), I'm sure the shift will be pretty meaningless. And good riddance, Gracemeria. *shudder* 
3. Helicopters 
Another interesting addition, Ace combat didn't even allow harriers in the earlier titles, so color me excited for this too. I don't really have much to say here except f-yeah AH-64s and UH-60s. 
4. Oh hey that thing broke apart. 
Yeah. Uh. This is pretty self explanatory. Bad Company in the air without the humor. Smells very clean.
5. It's not HAWX.  
I have an irrational dislike of HAWX. Sure, it might be mostly because there is a damn X in the name, and that it has the now meaningless Tom Clancy name on it. I've played it sure, but it just failed to really capitalize on anything that Ace Combat really did well. Their assist system felt like a crutch, not an asset, and the "off-mode" well, turned me off. Story didn't exactly carry weight also, even as an American I cared more about Osea in Ace Combat 5, and that's sad. The fact that something is going to come in and potentially kick HAWX off it's perch (ha) is really exciting, because I know the Project Aces guys can do it right.
6. Hitting the right notes.
I really think the Project Aces team is on to something here. Like I said, I will have an undying love for the previous games, but I have a feeling what Ace Combat Assault Horizon will do is make the green square hunting around your hud a little more personal, and though I hate this word, a lot more visceral. Along with great music and that gorgeous in engine trailer, I can't understate the importance of there being that enemy ace Akula in there, showing that regardless of the game's setting, the devs know where it's soul needs to be.  
But I don't like the game's title font. So I'm not buying. (No way, preordering with the flightstick bundle that I pray exists.)  
Anyone else wanna share their hopes and worries?

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Yeah I looks good, Ace Combat has always been one of my favorite series.

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i'm just excited for a new ace combat game!! Ace Combat 5 was really exciting and memorable. 

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I loved the look and gameplay of Ace Combat 6's demo.  But when I rented the full game I found the story-telling, voice acting, and lethargic pacing to be incredibly distracting by their combined awfulness.  If this new game just sticks to a sensical, competently told narrative then I'm really excited.  Stories can be told and told well in flight simulation games. 
I mean, come on.... Freespace 1 & 2, people.
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@Hashbrowns: 6 was a storytelling disaster, because it tried to take the vignette style that Ace Combat 4 used and morph that into something cared about, but after they hit you over the head with that damn "dance with the angels" line for the n'th time you really hate it. If you have a PS2 pick up Ace Combat 5 for 15 bucks, which tells the right story for the game (unlike 6), and more importantly does it pretty well.
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I think one great thing to note--something a lot of people aren't noticing--is that the world seems to be built at a more accurate scale judging simply by what the debut trailer showed. Before, the jets were WAY bigger than the skyscrapers and ships they flew over, even in Ace Combat 6.

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I loved the alternate world and stupid plots of previous Ace Combat. That's what kept me interested in them for so long. AC6 was the reason I bought an Xbox, I loved the stupid "LETS GO DANCE WITH THE ANGELS!" bullshit. But now its the typical USAF versus those got-dang Russians.

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@illmatic19: Yeah, I hated that damn "dance with the angels" line too. Hopefully the "assault" subtitles just mean spin-offs that take place in the real world. The fact that this isn't explicitly called Ace Combat 7 makes me think so.
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@Amethyst: Good point, maybe the numbered Ace Combat games will keep the "strangereal" world and these will be a separate thing, who knows.  
I'd love to fly as Osea again that's for sure, Gracemeria can jump off a cliff. 
And nice note about the scale, I never really noticed that except for the buildings in previous games. I want a redux of AC5's "Sea of Chaos" mission now; anyone? 
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@CreativeColossi said:
" @Amethyst: Gracemeria can jump off a cliff. "
They can "dance with the angels", as it were. ;)
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@Amethyst said:
" @CreativeColossi said:
" @Amethyst: Gracemeria can jump off a cliff. "
They can "dance with the angels", as it were. ;) "
 That was so bad it was good. 
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the trailer was interesting.  so i guess this means 3d ground. i think that's new i haven't seriously played an ace combat since 3.. 

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@JohnZimmerman: 3D ground confirmed, people.
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I'm hoping this game can deliver for me. I couldn't get into Ace Combat 6's demo. It was, uh, lackluster. I also didn't get the controls down for some reason... But that's just me sucking and hitting the ground too often.

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@Meteora: 6's controls were a little floaty, and the story was garbage. It was a beautiful but lacking game. 
And if you're not used to flying on a 360 controller, it takes some getting used to, that's for sure.
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@CreativeColossi: Its not the controller's fault, AC6 was my first AC experience, so the controller is definitely out of question. 
Wonder if I should fall for the stupid trap on grabbing a flight stick controller for this game, heh.
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@Meteora: Haha I didn't mean it's the fault of the controller, but playing an Ace Combat game on a 360 controller is a switch from almost every other 360 game, you really have to get a feel for it. I hope you didn't use Novice mode though, that might have been a problem. :0 
And the controller is EXPENSIVE. It was a limited edition flight stick, don't take the plunge unless Assault horizon comes with one I think. ;D
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@CreativeColossi: What's wrong with novice mode? 
Hell I'm not even sure if there was an option for that in the demo. Probably was. 
Controller can't be that expensive... I was almost convinced to buy a $150 fight stick for Super Street Fighter IV. >_>
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@Meteora: Novice mode really hinders your movement, you can't pull off some more effective, complex manuvers.  
If you want the AC6 bundle new it'll run you about 250 bucks, the controller alone will be about a hundred. I reccomend you play the PS2 ones anyway if you can though, they might look slightly less fresh, but they are way better in all other aspects. ;D
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@CreativeColossi: Yeah well I was playing the demo, so I probably wouldn't be able to pull off any fancy maneuvers to begin with. =/ 
Why the hell does the bundle goes $250? The game costs $60 alone; WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?!
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@Meteora: Well when it came out it was150 I think, and as time went on the price went up so now if you look on eBay or Amazon it's pretty pricey. Tragic, I considered buying it but I honestly play the PS2 Ace Combat games way more.
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@CreativeColossi: So what you're saying is that you're not going to be playing this new game? BLASPHEMY
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All I know is, my squad will always be the Demons of Razgriz. 

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@Meteora: Oh god, no way I will be buying the most expensive and soul crushingly capitalist version of this game possible. ㅠㅠ 
Ace Combat 6 might have been a dissappointment, but I am so hopeful for this game I'd buy whatever they fling my way.

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