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A god damn tragedy 2

Assault Horizon is an accident. A collection of impossibly bad ideas in an attempt to modernize the Ace Combat franchise and make it more palatable to what appears to be the Japanese perception of a western gamer.As a result, you have a game that will please practically nobody. Veteran Ace Combat players will encounter a game both severely dumbed down but also fundamentally compromised, and new players will be subjected to a capricious set of quick time events, a bumbling, poorly told story, and...

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Fun For Everyone? 0

Project Aces/Ace Combat might as well be a genre onto itself these days.To make a high fidelity flight simulator for a console is all but impossible. Making a game like Falcon 4.0, even on modern consoles, would require the developer to make concessions in terms of gameplay and controls to make things work on a console controller and the number of available inputs and keys.As to whether or not games like AC are flight sims is a debate for another time.As it stands here, ACAH is essentially an ac...

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Jets are fun, everything else is terrible. 0

AS someone who's never played an Ace Combat game before the changes to the series are lost on me. From my perspective, as a newcomer, the air combat is a lot of intense fun and the DFM system (which i hear is new to the series) is decent. Outside of that the helicopter sequences, whether piloting or as a door gunner, are boring by comparison to the traditional game. If you're looking for an arcade based helicopter game check out Apache: Air Assault and door gunning was compelling in Ghost Reco...

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Almost makes the evolution it was going for 0

Ace Combat is kind of a weird series. It's basically the only place one can go to on consoles for dogfighting action, but it has traditionally taken place on weird, half-explained fantasy worlds and followed standard military plots that were vague on the sorts of specifics that would be needed to make those worlds memorable. In keeping with that not-quite-realistic approach, Ace Combat games give players real-life aircraft like the F-22 to play with, and then have them carry 200 missiles, with n...

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Ace Combat FTW 0

I love Ace Combat. This game has increased realistic and more epic. One I disappoint about this game are no free ride mission, jet fighter crash into other jet fighter (except large-sized aircraft like bomber) which is unrealistic, no optional landing mode allow to repair, refill the ammo, and well as refuel to your fighter (even swap your fighter by switching their aircraft), no realism difficulty which is equivalent to hard core mode since Fallout: New Vegas. We want G-Force effect and fuel li...

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A decent attempt 1

Alright getting this out of the way I haven't played a Ace Combat game since I owned a PS2. Even though it has been a while since I played the franchise I do remember the essentials Dog-Fighting, made up countries, and simple load area then shoot down dudes missions. Now when I first approached Ace Combat Assualt Horizon I was shocked to say the list when the game loaded up. First off the whole generic fake countries like Desertstan are out off here. The start of the game puts you smack dab abov...

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All of the changes make this a very different Ace Combat 0

The Ace Combat series and I go way back. I may have come a bit late in game, but Shattered Skies just blew me away when you fly threw that missile silo. Definitely on my all time favorite PlayStation 2 games. Ever since then I have been on the band wagon eating up every Ace Combat that came out since. So imagine my disappointment when they skipped over the PS3 in favor of the Xbox with their Ace Combat 6. But that is all ancient history and we PS3 owners finally get a proper Ace Combat game. How...

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