So this just crept out on Steam.

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Its really rather good and is well worth £7. Hectic gameplay, big maps and just a lot of freedom, I burrowed all the way into the enemies base with a sniper following me and it took them ages to realise he just kept popping up and headshotting them!!

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If there isn't any Motörhead, no sale!

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Yeah I just bought it as a, "I'll buy it so I can warn others away from it" kind of thing but I'm having a surprisingly good time with it. The servers are a bit laggy (at the moment) and there's not much depth to the game (in terms of load-outs) but if you want to play a shooter just for the thrill of the shooting, you can do much worse for £7. I'll keep coming back to this.

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i'm about to hop on, seems awesome.

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I preferred it when it was just rifles, trenchwarfare with a knock off minecraft setting, not a fan of the TF2 feel for it. However that's jut an opinion, there are getting a lot of good feedback as it seems.

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Wow, I played this in alpha with a friend back when it looked like someone threw it together in 2 hours. Weird. Good to see it's come along, I guess.

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I don't know if i can trust Jagex after Runescape.

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I miss playing the alpha, was so much better. Greens building things everywhere, blues tunneling underneath the map to launch a surprise attack. Now it just looks like another TF2 clone.

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The change of tone really caught me off guard... I had a lot of fun with the very early builds, when it was one man and his rifle against another, digging trenches and building towers all over the bleak, slowly deteriorating landscape. I remember the preview that convinced me to play it describing how strangely visceral and unique the primitive trench warfare was, seemingly delivering some sort of scaled down but accurate WW1 experience with soldiers frantically digging trenches to safely cross an open field with instant death bullets hailing over their heads. I sort of fell out a bit when the predictable, colorful custom maps became so prevalent over the randomly generated terrain, and now I guess there's jetpacks and drills? I guess I'm glad I caught the game while it was still interesting to me.

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I haven't played this yet, mind you, but it looks like it could never compare to alpha.

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