Achievement Gaps

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One thing I enjoy doing is looking at the frequency of achievements. Oftentimes you can spot where the game got hard or unpleasant because there is a sudden drop off in the number of people with the next achievement.  It's by no means a perfect indicator, some game just don't dole them out evenly or there is a non-story achievement that is much harder than the others.  The biggest gap I've ever seen is in Braid.  With its stupid speed run achievement there is a 61.31% gap.  Avatar is probably the smallest with all 5 achievements only covering 1.59%.
Does anybody else know any good ones?

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I like looking at games and seeing how many people got some of the easiest achievements, or ones that appear very quickly. 
In Assassin's Creed II , 13,719/13,894 (98.7%) people got the first achievement, which takes about five minutes. 
Prince of Persia (2008) had a similar achievement, that is also around 99%. 
The craziest to me is Chime, which gave away a 50G achievement for downloading it, because it's proceeds went to charity, and somehow this happened: 2,457/2,474 (99.3%). 17 people didn't get that achievement, how, I do not know.

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Dash of Destruction does have really easy achievements, but the biggest gap is only 24%.  

I've got a large number of unfinished games, but I'm always amazed by the small number of people who can give up on a game they played less than 2 minutes of.  Especially download-only games with free demos.  And I thought that Chime achievement was automatic.  Is there like a 2 second delay, so you can buy it turn it on and rage quit from the loading screen to avoid it?
Space Giraffe has one of the hardest easiest achievements I know.  The most common one there is only 14%.
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@YoungFrey: In looking for a different answer I wandered in here and can (hopefully) shed a bit of light on some of the mysteries of the "less than 2 minute player."
Both my wife and I have a few games on each of our tags with 0... mostly because the other was playing the game at the time and the disc was in the drive and we started it up accidentally (or, autorun was still turned on when I went to put one of her games on the hard drive or vice versa)...
The Chime thing _could_ have to do with an issue I've got... if you play a game before the Achievements are "live" on the Xbox service you can still "get" them but they will not register at (you will ONLY see them when viewing them ON the Xbox - but the score will not show and the count will be as if you did not have them at the top of the page, at the bottom it will have the correct number unlocked). The only way to "really" get them is to recover your GamerTag and then satisfy the requirements again in the game (so the first bit of story in the game I just finished will be the last Achievement I get).
Moral of the story: check on to see if the Achievements are live if you don't want to do them twice.

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