Achievements that make you feel dirty, so very dirty...

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#51 Posted by NorthSarge (254 posts) -

Gun was good, i actually bought it for cheap long after it came out and was pleased in my purchase. King Kong was just stupid short and easy 1000. however, Avatar: The last airbender game.... the 5 achievements might as well be titled "Press This button over and over as soon as the game starts" literally took longer for me to find it on gamefly... that being said. im not proud of doing that.

#52 Posted by SonicFire (821 posts) -


I just finished up the first Cars game today. Let's just say it's starting to make me second guess this whole project. Cars 2 seemed to have some good modes in it though

#53 Posted by The_Bowman_007 (35 posts) -

I actually remember enjoying King Kong waaaay back in the day, but I'm sure it has aged about as well as two-year-old milkshakes at room temperature—that is, poorly.  Looking forward to reading your future explorations at the Gamer Score buffet.

#54 Posted by SonicFire (821 posts) -


Thanks man. The first installment just got posted yesterday, if you want to know my specific reactions.

#55 Posted by RedHatDrew (336 posts) -

I did this once when I had to work overnights, and couldn't sleep when I got home. Grabbed a 2-Out GameFly account, and got to work. Went through NCAA 2K6, Madden 06, King Kong and Surf's Up. I'd (highly?) recommend Surf's Up; It's not the best game in the world, but it's at least a little bit fun. You could probably kill this in just under a day, and it'll be cheap since it's an old movie tie-in.

#56 Posted by sirdesmond (1262 posts) -

@Video_Game_King said:

who smiles during rape?

Clowns, that's who.

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