Any way to see the 'A' or 'C' cutoffs?

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So I'm unapologetically hooked on the Giant Bomb achievement integration.  I quit WoW a year ago and I think the 'uncommon', 'rare' achievement thing is dead neat.  I also like getting achievements - to a point. Usually that point is a bit further than average (I *love* 'challenge' or 'gimmick' achievements). But not to the point where I need to buy peripherals, DLC, or grind out too much (especially online)
So I guess I'm saying I like rocking the 'A' rank in Giant Bomb.
I know the indicator shows you where 'B' is in that dark orange color, but is there any way for a given game to know how far you need to go to get the 'A' rank?  (and 'C', for completion's sake). I tend to try for 'A' if it's at all reasonable to do so but sometimes you need DLC to even qualify, so for those I tend to stop earlier.
If not, could some indicator be thrown in to show when you get to the next letter grade based on where you are? (maybe a little white line showing you where 'C' is if you're at 'D', or 'A' if you're at 'B', etc.

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