Longest Xbox 360 Achievement Name Ever?????????

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#1 Posted by SpawnMan (663 posts) -

No idea, just thought you guys would know. Surely there's something longer than "Completed Campaign on Legendary"?

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#2 Posted by gunslingerNZ (1998 posts) -

Der i dunno Halo?

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#3 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

I don't think they allow achievements with excessively long names.

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#4 Posted by Ace829 (2106 posts) -

Uh...how is this off-topic?
Anyway I do remember an achievement that was unusually long while playing one time. And that's when my memory goes blank on the game.

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#5 Posted by SpawnMan (663 posts) -

*Sigh* Halo is not an achievement name...

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