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Acrobat Mission is a vertical shoot 'em up originally released in the Arcades in 1991 and ported to the Super Famicom the following year. The game did not receive a release outside of Japan.

Like many shoot 'em ups of the era, Acrobat Mission employs a power-up system that regresses to the basic weapon if the player loses too many lives. The Wave and Hurricane shots are more powerful than the Standard shot, but require a little more finesse to use effectively. The player can also use bombs, their intensely hot engine wake and even the imminent destruction of their own ship (once taking a hit) as offensive options as well.

The Super Famicom version drops the Arcade version's 2-player mode and made a few graphical and sound changes. It also removes the original ending animation and switches it for a epilogue screen of scrolling text.

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