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Have you actually been able to endure Action 52 and attempt to play it? While I've seen videos of it, I have yet to try it out myself personally because the perceived quality of it looks absolutely horrid and mental scar-inducing... and this is coming from a guy who has played way too much CheetahMen II, a spin-off of Action 52.

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Imagine actually paying $200 for this back in the day (yes it did cost that much.)

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I believe that it would probably be more fun to set that $200 on fire rather than to purchase that thing. I'm pretty sure your sanity would still be left intact if you did that instead.

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I'd rather drill holes in my teeth than to play that game

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Going threw my game collection and i found it in there.. i totally forgot about this game, grand father got this for me back in the day. so many memories of playing Alfredo. i wonder what this things worth now.

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Never heard of it.

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cheetahmen is awesome.

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Yes and I've played all of the games (except for the ones that crash on startup, as there weren't any emulators that let them play back when I went through it).

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I've never played it.  My curiosity never stretched as far as the masochistic tendencies required to endure it.
I'm still amazed that that shit pile actually got a sequel in CheetahMen II.

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This is the first I have heard of it, sounds atrocious. 

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