Tidbits From Today’s Money-Filled Activision Earnings Call

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#51 Posted by uber_skedy (44 posts) -

I really enjoy this little write ups and they're kind of hard (require effort) to track down elsewhere. Thanks for putting them up.

#52 Posted by ildon (428 posts) -

Skylanders is “one of the most innovative products we’ve ever created” and will have “success for many years.”

Why do I feel like in a year or so Skylanders will crash and become the pogs for this generation of kids.

#53 Posted by Tebbit (4571 posts) -

I'm really glad Skylanders did well. It shows that even though the game industry has changed a lot in the last 15 years, kids are still smart enough to want good games, parents are wise enough to buy them, and developers are still willing to make them. None 'o this Ben 10 jank.

#54 Posted by Nardak (728 posts) -

Patrick....who is this Bunige that you mention in your article:)?

"Can you tell that Activision is excited about Bunige´s next game? Unfortunately, no details just yet."

#55 Edited by Ares42 (3005 posts) -
@patrickklepek said:

  • Activision has sold more than 20 million Skylanders toys since launch.
wow, just.... wow...  guess my suspicions about the "franchise manager" thing with Blizzard is becoming more and more realistic.
#56 Posted by Junpei (790 posts) -

I was actually more shocked by the amount of CoD Elite subscribers than I was about the Skylanders. I didn't think that many people would pony up that money for that even though there's how many millions playing. Guess I just don't get the draw that much.

#57 Posted by ghoti221 (63 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic said:

Activision is the epitome of all the things that consist of money hunger, streamlining games, killing creativity, killing titles by milking them to death and so on.. How we're even discussing this disgusting and unholy company is beyond me.

As long as people keep buying the games and paying money, they'll keep doing what they're doing. They're not going to stop until the financials tell them to stop, just like most other companies.


#58 Posted by zeekthegeek (401 posts) -

I hope Skylander remains successful for a while - long enough to see developers Toys for Bob profit enough so that when they're done with that, they can make Star Control 3 for REAL this time - that's right, Skylanders is somehow from the same creative minds as Star Control 1 and 2.

#59 Posted by bug9329 (54 posts) -

You know, Activision probably has a lot of unsold Guitar Hero guitars in some landfill in China. They could dig them up, stick some Skylanders art on them, and bam -- they have another revenue source.

#60 Posted by avidwriter (670 posts) -

Blizzard's games : Mists of Pandaria, Diablo 3, Blizzard Dota (althought I'd hoping Starcraft 2 :HoTS)

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