Activision Has its Own Walking Dead Game Now

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@davidwitten22 said:

Oh good, you play as Daryl, everyone's least favorite character. That was a smart move...

Have we met? - I dont remember meeting you but as you seem to know everyone let me tell you .. plenty of folks I know like Daryl best of all the characters.

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Oh great, a sub-par Left 4 Dead with elements of a pretty average semi-RP FPS. That sounds like a wonderful game! And you play as two of the least sympathetic characters from the media? Well that just makes it better!

Why the hell did they have to get the license...

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Racist protagonist. Is that a concept on the wiki yet?[img][/img]

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From the team that brought you Kinect Star Wars comes a first person shooter...

#205 Posted by Eyz (449 posts) -

Of course there is action-oriented to appeal to the sugar-induced fanboys that can't stand a well thought adventure...

...I say this but I will no doubt end up getting both :P

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I have to say, episode 2 was not well done on the xbox it was jumpy, and essentially just a long cut scene with some QTE's. the developers have done nothing but defenestrate this game.

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Well i'm not exactly the biggest fan of activision and certainly not of their games based on popular IP's, but maybe just maybe this could end up pretty cool. It's unlikely but there is potential and money behind this idea.

And seriously what's with all this narrowminded childish whining?

"Waah waah another zombie FPS game!"

Yeah we need more way more episodic telltale/point&click adventure games, there are so few of them! Couldn't it have been an third person shooter? Or some totaly rad 8bit style indie game platformer? Hey and everything that has zombies in it is all the same, right? right!

Let's just ignore that there is not a single good REAL zombie FPS game out there that actually deals with the survival aspect.. There certainly is a niche for this as DayZ has shown, but it's zombees so let's all start complaining because we rather want some more fantasy elf's doing dwarfs stuff or space marines saving universes in sci-fi settings games.

Even worse are the people that obviously suffer from a total lack of imagination/serve case of braindamage and can only think of "shooting guns" when reading FPS. Yay go you guys! Because everybody knows that meaty bloody meele combat in FPS games has never been done before and can't be done at all.

I rather reserve my "whining and shitting all over an idea" until i actually saw some gameplay and know more about the games mechanics. But at this point this can end up totaly bullshit or totaly awesome, only time will tell.

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@Nethlem: pretty sure Last of Us will do this better than whatever activision churns out.

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@Nethlem: Some would argue at this point that "zombies" counts as a genre now, though. I mean, I have Telltale's Walking Dead, both Left 4 Dead games, Trapped Dead, Atom Zombie Smasher, No Zombies Allowed, and I'm waiting on Deadlight. Then there's ZombiU, Onechanbara, Lollipop Chainsaw... heck,

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So when it comes to the Walking Dead games now, do we start referring to Telltale's as "the good one"?

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DayZ would be optimistic. Call of Duty would be unfortunate.

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The Activision part isn't what concerns me, it's the Terminal Reality part. Not a very impressive body of work there.

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Why Activision? there the rapists of the gaming industry

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