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Background information

Adam is Murky Water's only poet. Problem is, he's not any good. Even being in love with the mayor's daughter, Alina (a secret he hides poorly) does nothing to improve his skills in poetry. Other than being an aspiring poet, however, his occupation is unknown.

No one in Murky Waters has a particularly high opinion of Adam, and the mayor, Tobias Hoffman, thinks of him as an outright fool.

Associated quests

Adam has one associated quest, involving a complex love triangle.

The Heat of the Day

Geralt meets a young bride to be, called Alina, who's the subject of Adam's affection. However, she is betrothed to Julian, a wealthy merchant from Kovir. Alina's sister, Celina, meanwhile loves Julian, and feels that her sister is not deserving of him. When Celina finds out about her sister's secret lover, the two argue, and Celina ends up--accidentally--pushing Alina off the top of the tower of the ruined mill, causing her to fall to her death.

When Adam finds out about Alina's death, he decides to avenge her. He finds Celina, chases her to the fields, and stabs her to death. Geralt, who was searching for the missing Alina witnesses this event, and must decide whether to expose Adam or not.

Regardless of Geralt's decision regarding Celina's murder, Alina will haunt the fields as a noonwraith, unable to accept her own death. It is up to Geralt to find a way to put her spirit to rest.

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