This probably has the greatest density of good music in a game.

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So I've been playing a ton of Advance Wars and Fire Emblem on my 3DS lately, BECAUSE THE 3DS HAS NO GAMES, and fuck me because I completely forgot how great this game's soundtrack is.
I mean there are like at almost 30 COs who all have great themes, but then there's even more music than that, AND SOME OF IT IS STILL GOOD.
Most games only have a few good songs packed in with a bunch of ambient music to pad out the length of the game, even Portal 2, which may be my favorite game soundtrack of all time for the next two months, has a bunch of droning tones and ambient noise that really add to a game environment but are sometimes pretty boring on their own.
The only other game I can think of with music that stays consistently good is maybe, I dunno, Banjo Kazooie? Jet Set Radio?
I'm basically just using this as an excuse to post a bunch of Advance Wars music.

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Any 3d GTA game's soundtrack > every other games' soundtrack. 
End of discussion.

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@Castiel said:
Any 3d GTA game's soundtrack > every other games' soundtrack.  End of discussion.
But they're not original. All they'd need is to pick good songs. All these songs sound good and are original.
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I dunno, man. Super Smash Bros. Brawl has some dang amazing music. All the tracks are just excellent remixes of tracks from other games, though. So I don't know if that counts. 
Also, I think Persona 4 had a pretty consistently great soundtrack. 

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I like the Advance Wars: Dual Strike soundtrack too and it's good to see someone else give it some recognition, but greatest density of good music in a game? Not in my opinion.


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