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Best Bug Ridden Game I Have Ever Suffered

I am a huge fan of what this game did right. The story, characters, super human abilities, aliens, etc. They all work together to form what could have been a great game. Unfortunately, it looks as if the team just did not have time to add the polish needed to make it a good game.  This is the reason I game it such a low score. I am not scoring it based on its potential, but on its extremely flawed execution. 

I have played this game on both the Xbox and the PC. I picked up the PC version recently because I wondered if the PC version has fixed some of the issues I had with the Xbox version. Not only had they not been fixed but I had more crashes, freezes, and stuck charters than I could stand. I could not even finish the PC version because it would crash at the end of each chapter.
The other problems mostly related to poor frame rate and the horrible lock on targeting system. Once you lock onto an enemy it nearly impossible to "un-lock" and the camera goes all nuts half the time. The controls just feel bad most of the time. 
Now, the good parts of this game include some truly great music, a great and colorful art style, and a good attempt at setting up an epic space opera. That deserves some credit. But for every great component, the poor execution just brings it down.
Instead of playing this game, go grab the game soundtrack. And watch some high rez gameplay videos. You will get the good without the bad controls :) All that said, it may be worth the low price it is now. Just be prepared to expect a few major gameplay flaws and lockups and you just may have a blast.

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