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It's... A-Very-Short-But-Casually-Fun Time!!

I don't know what it is, but around this time every semester I always end up buying a lot of games. Usually old SNES and NES games or something for my DS. I think I just get stressed out from thinking about finals so I try to find ways to entertain myself in short bursts of video games. With portable or retro games, I don't have to commit myself to the 6-12 hours of a FPS or the 25+ hours of an RPG.

Last week I picked up Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?! for the 3DS, making this my first 3DS game I've ever physically bought. I was excited about this game ever since it came out late last year but couldn't justify paying almost $40 for it. Thankfully, the game finally lowered to an acceptable $20 on Amazon.

The first thing I can say about this game is that it's extremely short. It arrived on my door step last Thursday and I finished it the next day. The 3DS's activity log says I only clocked in 4 hours and 33 minutes into the game. I would be pretty mad if I didn't enjoy this game so much.

Story of my life.

The best thing about Adventure Time: HIKWYSOG is it's tone, which matches the show very well in writing and dialog. If you haven't seen the show Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, it's hilarious. Unfortunately there's very minimal voice work, which is half of Adventure Time's charm.

Th game itself looks amazing! Bright colors and just the right amount of old school flavor. Speaking of old school, this game basically plays like The Legend of Zelda 2 with the whole over-world map and side-scrolling dungeons thing. Personally, I never liked that specific Zelda game, but for some reason the game play just clicked for me this time. I should also mention that it's super easy! Which isn't a problem for me because i like easy games. But those who like challenges might find the game to be boring.

-Final Thoughts and Recommendation:

This is a pretty solid game that uses the source material well, has an attractive design, and is casually fun to play. Unfortunately there's no voice work and you can finish it in less than 3 sittings. Definitely check it out if you like the Adventure Time show or if you're into retro games.

Again, you can get this game (DS or 3DS) for less that $20 at Amazon.

Also note: The Regular Show game was announce and will at least be published by the same publisher (D3Publisher) as Adventure Time: HIKWYSOG. No confirmation that the developer will be Wayforward, the same team as this game yet. Still, so excited.


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