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Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment is a space sim game developed by Ben Croshaw, of Zero Punctation fame, made using Adventure Game Studio. The game is very satirical and sarcastic, as befitting Croshaw's iconic style, and has some very funny moments.


Gameplay in AITGOFW is fairly simplistic, and controlled almost entirely with the mouse (the exception being a few minigames scattered here and there). The game can mostly be divided into three sections-

Trading, where you buy low in one area, and sell high in another, for profit. You travel across the universes 3 zones (Free, Lifeless and Protected) and sell things for the money you use to buy other things. This comprises most of the game.

Combat, where you press various buttons to shoot at things in turn.

And Exploration, wherein you beam a Redshirt down onto a planets surface to explore, and more often, watch the Redshirt die in a hilarious manner.

The main goal of the game is to progress the story, though there are side missions you can complete.

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