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Just Not My Bag 0

I wouldn't want to be on that flight knowing my skills...I’m all for strange concepts for puzzle games or any game for that matter. It doesn’t matter how crazy or different it is I’m willing to give it a shot; Aero Porter is such a puzzle game. Aero Porter is all about sorting luggage; a simple, apparently boring task that you’d never consider to make a game of. It seems like a dull job and more work than fun. Funny then that the game suffers from being too frantic, fast ...

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Fulfill your dream of sorting luggage at a major airport. 0

"Airport luggage sorter" probably wouldn't be the first concept most people would think about when they pondered ideas for a video game. And yet that's exactly what you get to be in Aero Porter on the 3DS. Sorting through luggage and sending it off to it's assigned destination is the name of the game, succeed and you get more luggage. Fail and you get a talking-to, and more luggage to sort.Oh sure, it LOOKS simple now...There isn't much more to the game than the luggage sorting. When you begin ...

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This review originally appeared on Gaijin Densetsu. At Gaijin Densetsu, we play and review Japanese Developed games. If you like what you see here, check out the site for regular updates!I hate air travel. From where I live now to get back to California and see my family, I can expect to deal with roughly 10-12 hours of being on planes or in airports each way, mostly because of a mandatory layover between my small-town and the bigger hub that I’ll fly to LAX from. I always get stressed out when...

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