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I hate air travel. From where I live now to get back to California and see my family, I can expect to deal with roughly 10-12 hours of being on planes or in airports each way, mostly because of a mandatory layover between my small-town and the bigger hub that I’ll fly to LAX from. I always get stressed out when I travel. It’s the check-in and security screening that gets me. Usually, some jerk up in front of me has no idea what they’re doing, and they bog the whole process down for me and the other seasoned travelers. We haven’t packed anything weird in our bags. They’re not overweight. We just want to check in, get our boarding passes, and make it through security without the stress that accompanies having to rush through things. The closest call I ever had was running through LAX with no shoes on to catch a flight to Tuscon. They were taking the sign off the jet-way when I got there. The worst part wasn’t the barefoot running though; I run all the time for fun. No, the worst part was worrying that I would just barely miss my flight and not know what the hell to do after that.

Aero Porter is the second game in the Guild01 compilation for the 3DS (I spent some time with the first one here). It lets me relive all the horrible stress of air travel from the comfort of my home, whenever I want. On top of that, it does so in the context of being a job, which is a thing I already have and don’t need more of.

They're not paying me enough for this.

In Aero Porter, my job is to sort the luggage. It starts out easy enough: just get the luggage on the right carousel and load it onto the airplane before the timer runs out and the flight departs. Everything is color coded for my convenience and there’s just a few carousels, so it’s not that bad. In fact, it seems kind of fun at the start. All I have to do is hit the button to load when the carousel has just matching color luggage on it, that’s not hard at all. Sometimes I get into sticky situations on account of how the arms that lower or raise the luggage work, since it happens on all the carousels simultaneously, but there’s only 3 of them on the first day so it’s not too bad. ”Good job!” my boss Bob Saito tells me. If I keep this up, the airport is sure to grow. I feel I’m valuable member of the team! The next day I show up to work and there’s an extra carousel. Bob must really believe in me. Things are getting trickier, but it’s no big deal, we’re still doing well. I’m having fun sorting luggage!

It’s a short honeymoon though. First, there’s another carousel. They can’t possibly add anymore, I think to myself. Then there’s another, and then another. There are now seven carousels. A diplomat is flying out of the airport, so I have to carefully inspect all the bags for his black tags and make sure they get on the right plane. Now I’m blowing into the microphone, looking for the piece of luggage that doesn’t wobble. That’s the suspicious one; gotta make sure that gets onto the disposal truck. I’ve got to put a battery into the generator at the bottom of the airport, because I’ve been running the lights on too many carousels and we’re low on energy now. Planes are leaving without all their luggage. Some flights are getting canceled because they haven’t had any luggage loaded on them. I’ve been told I’ll get a custom airplane in the hangar if I can just get three flights to leave each within a few seconds of each other, but with so much luggage coming down the chute it’s hard enough to get planes loaded properly at all. Bob Saito is still telling me “Good Job!” but I know I’m doing bad. Is he not paying attention? Is he not seeing what I’m seeing? Suddenly this is starting to feel a lot like my day-job. I started sorting luggage as a hobby, but it turned into work. One job is enough, I think. Sorry Bob, I quit.

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