Is This Ever Going To Come Out?

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Now believe it or not, I really, really, really want to play Afrika. It's probably shit, but I'd happily take that chance, given I've waited for this game forever. I've given up hope on a European version, but would happily import from the US (thank goodness region free), given it'd actually make a smidgeon of sense due to the translation.
The game was pencilled in for Q3 2009 but there's still been no announcement. Given the history of the game I'm starting to worry it's never going to make it.
Has anyone heard anything recently? Anyone else patiently waiting for it?
I hope it comes out. :(

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 If you really want it and you have a PS3 you can import it from any Asian country (besides Japan) and it's all in English.

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@TheMustacheHero is right. I picked up the Korean version from The entire game is in English and will play on any PS3. It is also cheaper than the $60 price the US release will probably cost initially.

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@TheMustacheHero said:

" It's called Hakuna Matada for North America. "

 That is the name in some Asian regions, but I don't think that's the name in North America.
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@Kamasama said:

" @TheMustacheHero said:

" It's called Hakuna Matada for North America. "

 That is the name in some Asian regions, but I don't think that's the name in North America. "
It is or maybe it's the other way around.......Great, now I have to go look it up.
EDIT: My mistake it's the other way around. In Asia it's called Hakuna Matada, in North America it's called Afrika.
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"Press X to mock Rhino." 
"You've angered Rhino!"  
*Wildlife Douchebag trophy unlocked*

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Just play Pokemon Snap, it's pretty much the same game. Just with real animals.

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@Jolly_Lolly said:
" "Press X to mock Rhino."  "You've angered Rhino!"   *Wildlife Douchebag trophy unlocked* "
More like
 *You angered Lion*
*You select camera*
*Your camera is out of bullets!*
*You have died*
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I heard you don't even get to drive the jeep you basically just sit in the back and take pics.

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Even with the date already set, I think you'd be better off importing the Asian version from Play Asia. I believe it'll be cheaper even with the shipping.
I'm actually quite curious to listen to the game's soundtrack. I've some say that it's incredible.

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Hey guys, if you want the game they have a deal going on right now where everything is 20% off at Play Asia if you use a Visa card to purchase..I might suggest looking there ;D
Not trying to advertise, but I sorta am..>_>

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I've heard some interesting stuff about and I saw tech demo once when I was Hong Kong. To be honest it doesn't look terribly interesting but different enough to make you want to play it. As much as I love animals though, I wish they did something else other than the cliched African wildlife.

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Natsume's website finally acknowledges the games existence. Looks like October 7th is the legit date.

#15 Posted by Brackynews (4348 posts) - page says pushed back to Oct 7th.  Anyone see it "in the wild" yet? :)

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I don't know when it is going to come out, but I know I am going to get it.  This song will be playing the WHOLE TIME I AM PLAYING THE GAME!!! 
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I was looking at this the other day, I wish this was Pokemon Snap 2.

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@trophyhunter said:
" 9/22/09 "
Fuck its out now.
I gotta play it,see ya!!!!!!

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