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Could've been great, but good enough

  • The most lifelike animals I've ever seen in a video game -- particularly their behavior, modeling, animations, and sound
  • Lots of interesting, varied missions and random encounters
  • A unique wildlife photography sim.  Ability to manually adjust both aperture size and shutter speed with realistic results (eg. motion blur, depth of field, exposure)
  • Realistic, positional sound effects of animals & ambient noise, such as wind and water
  • Upgradeable cameras with noticeable difference in picture quality
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • The Big Game Trophy missions are very entertaining & informative with some truly bizarre moments (the giraffe fight is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen)
  • Ability to export photos to the hard drive
  • Over 100 missions (took me almost 50 hrs to 100% complete)
  • Relaxing, zen gameplay.  A game to play while listening to the Giant Bombcast
  • Very scripted world.  Animal behavior & interactions as well as weather aren't as dynamic as they could've been
  • Only five areas to explore, each of which aren't that large
  • No voice acting or overall story
  • Poorly optimized in general.  Doesn't take advantage of the PS3's power
  • Low framerate while driving or when quickly looking around
  • Takes 2 minutes to load or save.  WHY?!
  • Environmental textures are very lo-res, which look even worse when set against the hi-res animal models
  • Not many missions require using a wide-angle lens.  The majority of the time you'll be using a telephoto lens zoomed-in
  • Sometimes difficult to spot the Trap Cam positions
  • Can't manually control the jeep during night missions
  • The 200 photograph limit is too low considering I took over 1,000 photos by the end
  • Very niche.  Probably won't enjoy this if you're not interested in photography or animals
  • PS1-era driving mechanics, presentation, and interface
  • Smaller animals, such as lizards and beetles, are difficult to find without using a FAQ
  • The "sneaking & shooting at the perfect moment" gameplay mechanics make it feel like a sniper game
  • Rated E 10+.  Animals are killed in-game but with no blood shown.  However, some of the unlockable National Geographic footage contains graphic animal violence (ex: a lion killing a baby zebra, a leopard biting into a dying impala's neck)
  • Easy to get the platinum trophy but requires a lot of time and patience

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