lil_cheeks's Afrika (PlayStation 3) review

Great Photo Sim

I will start by saying this game is not for everyone.  Very similar in a way of Endless Ocean or other niche games.  Having said that, if you are looking for a relaxing photography simulator, Afrika is perfect for you. 
The entire game is you being a photographer Afrika and selling images to companies advertisements or magazines.  With this money you can upgrade supplies, which include better cameras, tents, or even more memory. 
The pace of the game is very slow.  You start off in one area that has select animal types.  Once you progress enough you will unlock other areas.  The maps get pretty big especially if you want to travel to all of them.  You do get to drive a jeep to make traveling more manageable which really helps getting to places further from base camp.   
There is no real danger except of you get to close to certain animals they attack you which "hurts" you by losing all photos on the camera at the time.  It is pretty fun to see all the animals interact and watch you try to get close to them.  For the most part, i don't think they could have made the animals look any more real.  The graphics are amazing and the sound is spot on.  

Again, this is not a game for everyone but if you have any interest in photography i would say you need this game.  This game is actually a very good learning tool for photography because you learn all sorts of camera modes and settings that apply to real life cameras.

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