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Afro Samurai in the motherf***ing building! (F*** Ninjas!) 0

 Warning: If you are not a fan of blood, the excessive use of “mother****er”, topless female ninjas, or body parts flying everywhere then step away from this review immediately. *waits*…Good, it seems most of the internet is still here.This warning was necessary though, as this game defines the rating M. But do not think for a second that this game is just a bloody gory game. By all means, it has that, but it is much, much more if you take the time to look. Information: Developer: Namco Bandai G...

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My First 3D Camera 0

Games based on existing properties are typically below the bar, and are glorified advertisements. Afro Samurai is a hack & slash gore fest Ninja Gaiden wannabe showing a lot of potential, and eventually crumbles under stupid mechanical issues. You play as Afro (appropriate name), in an obligatory “boy avenging his father’s murder” adventure. Throughout your six hour quest traveling around futuristic feudal Japan, you’ll be spending most of your time cutting fools up while listening to The R...

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Afro Samurai has loads of potential--that just isn't fulfilled. 0

Afro!Afro Samurai is a game that makes failure pop into my head instantly. I mean, if it wasn't an Anime, just the nam would bring back bad memories of Pirates vs. Ninja's Dodgeball. Luckily this game isn't complete fail, matter of fact it's not fail at all, super matter of fact, it's pretty great in some points but in others, not so much...One of the great things is the gameplay. Sure, sometimes it gets tedious just running around, hacking and slashing people in the same way but seeing their bl...

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Afro Samurai 0

Afro Samurai, a game by Namco based on the anime film (starring Samuel L. Jackson, like the game adaptation) has very distinct graphical style and hugely over the top violence. It is gory and has a very good first impression. However, fifteen minutes in, one realises that all the style and visual panache in the world can't make bad combat good, and unfortuantely this is the fate that has beset Afro Samurai.As I mentioned above, the game does leave a very good first impression. The violence is su...

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The Number Two Headband! =-O 0

For a franchise with so much potential, it is a bloody shame, a real bloody shame that Afro Samurai has failed to efficiently use the awesome credentials of the2007 anime into its HD console spin-off in 2009. Afro Samurai is a steam-punk captured and hip-hop influenced creation by Takashi Okazaki. Although during its manga run the series was relatively cult in its audience, the decision to animate Afro Samurai many years later gained the fanbase it was destined for.The story follows the protagon...

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Afro Samurai isn't groundbreaking, but will please fans. 0

  Afro Samurai is a super violent action game based on the just as violent anime series of the same name. Admittedly, I "Have you seen my samurai sword? It's the one that says 'Badass Motherfucker' on it." was not very familiar with the source material for Afro Samurai prior to picking the game up. However, I felt it a disservice to the game if I didn’t at least arm myself with bit more knowledge. So I at down and decided to see just what all the fuss was about, and I’m glad I did. Not only i...

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GAME OF THE YEAR!!..i didnt studder 0

yeah thats right i said it GAME OF THE YEAR..and really i dont care what you guys think, i loved this game flawed game, heres why...i love this game looks, it is the most oddly stunningly beautiful game i have played since Prince of Perisa (the new one)..they both have that painted look which i love, and a reason why the new Prince of Persia is one of my favorite games i ever played..the environments are lush and beautiful, characters look great..even though they have the same ones show over and...

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Good but Not Great 0

A very fun game... For the first few hours. The games problems are pretty noticeable, Bad camera control, Clunky jumping mechanics, And the fact that other than the bosses there are really only a couple types of enemies that you fight in the whole game. It lacks diversity.  With that said there are many good points that I enjoyed very much. The animation looks great, The fighting feels solid, And features like "Body Part Poker" enhance these qualities.  For what it is (Game based of a TV show) i...

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Rent before you buy 0

For me it was fun for the first couple of hours, the cell animation looked really cool and Samuel Jackson as the storyteller was kinda interesting. But after a couple of hours it just was fighting the same guys over and over with nothing too different to shake things up. But what really frustrated me was the camera in the game. I was forever fighting with it to look in the right direction and face my attackers. Also the perspective can get real funny and for about 5-10 minutes I got stuck hoveri...

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Afro needs shine. Save Point Review 0

Sabemos que Samurais y Hip Hop son como mani y chocolate, perfectos el uno para el otro. En Afro Samurai debes usar tu espada para mutilar a cientos de japoneses al ritmo de la música mientras le aplicas el slow mo por el lado para darle ese factor extra cool. Primero notaras que tiene unas graficas bien brutales que le son fiel al anime en que es basado y por minutos serás entretenido por apretar botones al azar para cercenar personas. Después sentirás un vacio en tu vida y querrás matarte. ...

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Afro Samurai Review 0

  Afro Samurai box art  AFRO! Ah yes, the beautiful sound of Samuel L Jackson's voice work is now available outside of the Japanese anime. Now you can enjoy Afro Samurai in an interactive media for those damn computer-me-bots all the kids are playing. Now being honest, i haven't watched Afro Samurai. Its not to say i never will because the anime fan inside of me genuinely wants to see the greatest person to ever say "MOTHER F**KER!" and a bad ass looking samurai called of all obvious things "A...

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Afro Samurai Review 0

Afro Samurai is the video game based on the story from the Anime that was shown on Spike TV a while back. You'll have your chance to assume the role of Afro as you fight your way to Justice, to avenge your father, and to obtain the number 1 headband. You'll get to peer into Afro's past, and you'll have to cut down anyone who stands in your way.Graphically this game feels like what I pictured an Afro Samurai game to look like. It really feels like the show. The one problem I have with the graphic...

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