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Great Revival of an Arcade Classic, But Not Long-Lasting 4

As a nostalgia play, this game does quite well.  It hits all the notes of the arcade classic and makes you remember sitting in the cabinet flying at top speed with your friends yelling as you flew between missiles and rolled back and forth.  But as a modern game that costs ten bucks, it probably isn't worth it for the time it'll give back to you unless you have a deep love for the series. For those that don't know, After Burner puts you in the seat of a modern jet that flies over various stages ...

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AfterBurner returns! 0

 I always threw in a ton of quarters into the original Afterburner wherever it seemed to pop up. Blasting through the sky at supersonic speeds is what it's all about and the arcade sequel to that game kept that most important detail. Now it comes to psn and it's time to see if it lives up to my memories. As it states in the title this is truly the Climax for afterburner. You only have two different modes in this game. Score Attack where it all about how many points you can get and Arcade mode ...

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Review: After Burner Climax 0

(Read the original review on my blog)  After testing the waters with the trial version of After Burner Climax on XBox Live Arcade earlier this week, I decided to finally jump in and give the full version a whirl. The achievements didn't seem too hard, anyway.To put it bluntly, the game is an absolute blast. Part of me has always had an affinity for arcade shooters, where you rush by on a predetermined path and just fire away at everything on the screen. After Burner shares a lot of similarities ...

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Turn Up the After Burners... 1

 After Burner Climax has been around for four years at the arcades marking a return of the franchise from the old Master System and Genesis days for Sega. It was able to bring the franchise to this current generation of games maintaining his simplicity yet brutal difficulty. It is definitely a true Sega arcade game then and even now with its short fun and the ability to play it with a moving seat and a flight stick as a true arcade experience. After a long wait, Climax finally gets released on c...

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Arcade perfection 0

I absolutely sucked in the original After Burner and really didn't get it. Now it has come to the new generation with some improvements. So how is it?  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHGOOOOOOODWHATSTHATJESUSCHRISTZOOOOOMWHOOSBANG!  It's arcade perfection. Easy to learn, impossible to master but a lot of fun. In addition to missiles and machine guns there's the Climax mode, which is pretty much Bullet Time. It helps a little but doesn't break the game.  There's the basic arcade "story" mode and  a basic time a...

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This should have been longer 0

 After Burner Climax is Arcade game ported for Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) and Playstation Network (PSN).  For a downloable arcade game the graphics look really good. I haven't played the original Arcade version of this game so can not compare the graphics between these games. Selection of aircraft's (yours and enemy's) look detailed and recognisable. Not that I could spot a real F-15 eh. Surroundings are really well detailed as well. Only problem here is that tempo if the game so fast that you don...

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XBLA-After burner climax review 0

 There are some goodies thrown into the home version of Climax, namely the EX Options, (tweaks and cheats you unlock as you play the game and complete mini-achievements), which may make it easier for a bystander to grasp and have fun with the game. Some may be disappointed that Climax is "only" a dozen levels long per session and has no multiplayer; that this is "just" a port of an arcade game. But keep in mind that After Burner has always been a single-player affair, and an '80s twitch game fra...

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Fun Fast and Short Ride 0

After Burner Climax is essentially a port of the arcade game.  I have never played the arcade game but after seeing the quick look on Giant Bomb i loved the fast intense craziness of it.  It was one of the first purchases after i bought more microsoft points and played it immediately.  Graphics:  The graphics aren't top notch but are pretty good since its a 2006 arcade game.  But more than the graphics its the performace factor that is pivotal to the quality of gameplay.  It stays at a constant ...

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Fun, Fast and Awesome : The "I Can't Alliterate" Story 0

I didn't even realize that Climax existed until last July when I played it once in an arcade in Vegas. Therefore, my memories are slim. I am quite fond of the original After Burner, but most of that was tied to the arcade-ness of the game, where I got to sit in the chair and have it move and swivel with my actions, making me feel like I was actually flying the plane (I was 10, leave me alone).  The console version of Climax can't really therefore play on any feelings of nostalgia.  Really though...

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Enjoy some R&R with Sega’s update of an arcade classic. 0

Up until this point, Sega hasn’t provided a convincing version of their After Burner franchise for home consoles. The problem has always been that much of the appeal for an After Burner game is in the specialized arcade cabinet, in which the swiveling seat provides feedback based upon what’s happening on the screen. While After Burner Climax doesn’t offer up a comparable experience of your seat jerking around as it did in the 2006 arcade game of the same name, it offers up similar twitch-based g...

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