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Agate Village is located within the Orre region of the Pokemon world. It was built within the only forest known in Orre and one of the only freshwater rivers flows directly through town. It is the original destination of Rui before she was kidnapped at the start of Pokemon Colosseum. Agate is mostly inhabited by retired Pokemon trainers, thus any young people in the town are generally travelers looking for a place to rest. The small village is also home to many services not found elsewhere in Orre such as the Pokemon Daycare, name rater, and in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness the move tutor. 
A Pokemon being purified in Relic Forest 
Through a cave below the main part of the village lies a small forest known as Relic Forest. This small patch of land houses a stone structure that acts as a shrine to the mythical Celebi. In Colosseum and Gale of Darkness if a trainer has built a strong enough relationship with a Shadow Pokemon removing all darkness from its heart they can bring the Pokemon here where the shrine will complete the ritual and fully cleanse the Pokemon back to its original form.

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