Letter to the Developers (hopefully Paul and Pete)

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Thank you for creating the Age of Booty game.  Many of us enjoy the competition and the social network on the PS3.  Unfortunately, there are many issues requiring your attention:

1.  Invites sometimes do not work and joining a public game boots out teammates.  Accepting an invite and/or joining a friend's game only works occasionally. The worst situation is losing a teammate when we join a public game and some random person replaces them.

 2.  After you are in a room, it will often kick you out.  Many times in a 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4 game where we are waiting on the last player to join and everyone gets kicked out of the room.  Then it takes another 4-5 minutes just to get back in a room with your friend(s), then you have to wait another 5 or 6 minutes for competitors to join--hoping that you won't get kicked out of the room again.  Maybe an indicator who the host of the room?

 3.  PS3 lock ups. This happens consistently, usually once or twice per hour of game play.  When it locks up the screen just freezes with no sound, you have to manually turn off your ps3 and then reboot.  Very annoying.

4.  Mic delay.  Sometime a player's mic will be delayed by 30 seconds to 2 minutes, so that you hear him speaking long after the fact.  This occurs regularly.  It is sometimes rectified by leaving to the lobby, rebooting the ps3, resetting the microphone, or joining a new game.

5.  When a teammate hosts a game, then decides to leave we would like them to transfer the host rights to a teammate.  This avoids kicking everyone out of the room.

(Request)  When you teammate with a someone you do not want to lose under quickplay, can you enable a team solidifier?  Therefore, if you are unwillingly moved to another room, your teammate stays with you and on your team.

(Request)  When someone is idle and away, can a teammate have a command to remove the player?

(Request)  Please allow us to access the Leaderboards in the waiting rooms.  When you're waiting 15 minutes for a game, at least we can peruse the statistics.

Your help would be greatly appreciated as we grow the community and convince our family and friends to purchase the game with your improvements.



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