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Sweeps Age Of Booty Review 2

I don't usually write reviews or impressions or anything like that, but I feel this game deserves my over-valued attention. So here we go;Having played Age Of Booty for many hours, I am continually impressed with this neat little team based action strategy game.After booting up the game I hopped straight into a 4vs4 multiplayer match (there was 1vs1 and 2vs2 options also available). Finding a group was painless. Thankfully there was no "Ranked or Player?" decisions to be made (the option to choo...

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One of XBLA's finest multiplayer experiences 2

Finally, a good pirate themed XBLA game, a bottle of rum for you and me! Age of Booty is a lighthearted strategy game, which revolves around pirates fighting other pirates in territorial battles. The game is really simple. You control a single pirate ship in a hex based map, fighting another team of two or four opponents for control of various towns. Your goal is to simply control the map, this is where the game's teamwork focus comes in to play. The game may sound simplistic, and it very well i...

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Age of Booty? More Like Age of AWESOME! 0

I just wanted to weigh in that [b]Age of Booty[/b] is [i]really really great,[/i] and it sucked me in for 3-4 hours easily last night. It's so ridiculously easy to play, but you end up gnashing your teeth and shaking your fist between fits of cheering - at your opponents, your stupid teammtes, your choice to choose cannons instead of a speed upgrade.. The game is much more in-depth and competitive than you'd think from the "durr hit A hit A hit A" appearance of the user interface.The object of t...

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Simply Booty-ful 0

Age of Booty is a fun strategy game that anyone can enjoy.  It's colorful trappings and simple gameplay are supported a fair amount of strategic depth that will engage all types of action and strategy gamers.  The inclusion of a map editor gives the game extra legs, which it needs since it is unclear just how deep the strategy options go.  Fortunately, the gameplay is entertaining enough that it should remain a good 'pick-up-and-play' game even once it's viable strategies are 'solved'.The real k...

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Value at it's best... 1

Age of Booty is Capcom and Certain Affinity's strategy game. Let me just say right off the bat: they've blown all other XBL and PSN arcade games out of the water (no pun intended).Clocking in at only 800 microsoft points, or roughly Ten dollars, Age of Booty is worth every penny. The game has a very user friendly control system, that really only requires one to two minutes of your time to learn the basic controls. You move around by clicking on Squares, or hexes as the game calls them. You battl...

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Bootifool 0

Developed by former Bungie developers, Booty is a real-time strategy game featuring customisable maps and plenty of pirate whimsy. Played with up to 8 other players, you control a single pirate ship and work together to capture a specific number of towns. Easy to pick up and tricky to master, Booty is a good edition to XBLA libary.Co-operation and strategy are key elements needed to win each match: do you attack or defend? which town offers the best resources? Played with friends, Booty can be a...

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STUPID GAME! STUPID GAME! STUPID GAME!Have I made my point?  I bought this game as I am kinda into pirates, but this game managed to instill the kind of rage in me, which I would most associate with the great Captain hook.  Frustrating and totally unfair. It has half a star for having pirates in

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Age of Booty: A Bounty of Booty, Bombs, and Bang for Your Buck 0

Age of Booty is a simple Real Time Strategy game developed by a new studio named Certain Affinity. The new studio is composed of industry veterans and it really shows in this recent gem they released for Xbox Live Arcade. Where most studios might have seen the Arcade setting as a place to turn a quick buck and release a product of questionable quality based on the lower price, Certain Affinity has gone the whole nine yards in providing gamers with plenty of bang for their buck and lasting gamepl...

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