Age Of Conan's new expansion - Rise Of The Godslayer

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 Alright so here's the details for the Age of Conan expansion. Compared to other mmos out right now, looks like its not much of an expansion, we'll see about the price i guess but right now, 50$ for 2 new mounts, an asian zone and a new race is kinda ... meh.
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Funcom continues to show utter faithfulness to the works of Robert E. Howard with the announcement of Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer, and expansion based off Howard's "The Tower of the Elephant."

The new expansion is sure to be a real treat for fans of the original Conan stories. Rise of the Godslayer takes place in the Empire of Khitai, years after a young Conan slew the Elephant God in "The Tower of the Elephant." Since that event, strange and horrible things have been happening in the empire, and players will get to experience said things as a member of the Khitai, an all new culture with its own starting area.

Along with an expansive new landmass for players to explore, Rise of the Godslayer adds an alternative advancement system to AoC, allowing players to further hone their skills far beyond the level cap. PVP is also getting a boost, with warring Khitai factions pitting players against players in bloody battles. All that, plus new armor, weapons, quests, powers - you know, the good stuff.

Funcom has launched an official website for Rise of the Godslayer, where you'll find plenty of screens and information. The expansion is also playable at Gamescom this week, so if you're heading that way, give it a go.

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Khitai...  I think they were from the Hyperborian equivalent of the Far East.  Are you meh about them because they don't really strike you, or does a new starting area not sound like it will add a whole lot?
The title reminds me of this (I would have done the rhymes differently, but whatever):

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The Khitai, a chinesish race. Theres a trailer on the official website.

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I already canceled my Age of Conan sub (one month free, 1 paid month).  The game just has horrible flow, none of the exploration I like in MMOs / RPGs.  The game areas are downright deserted too (even in non-instanced areas), hate playing a MMO and hardly ever seeing another player.

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Yeah, sorry.  You said in the article, I sorta read too fast.
The link you gave goes to a generic search engine site.  Maybe it's not up yet or got taken down?

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" TIGERS!!  Bought? "
The thing about the tiger and wolf mounts is that apparantly it wont be sold at a vendor, you'll have to raise them and stuff. You basically have to earn that mount which is somewhat cool, but have been done elsewhere.
In fact that whole expansion just tells me that Funcom is now operating under a tight budget. And its starting to show. Too bad because I still think its the best, most fun combat system in an mmo today.
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Age of Conan is still running?

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" Age of Conan is still running? "
Of course it is. Everquest 1 is still running. Some mmos are hard to kill.
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@demonbear: Oh, I thought it died pretty quickly after the initial hype at its release. I guess if it's pretty sparse it practically dead anyways.
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 ...Venture into the land of Khitai as you embark on new quests and acquire new rewards geared towards players fresh off the boat from Tortage! ... 
Looks like a new area for tutorial beginnings. If that's what that means.
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" @demonbear: Oh, I thought it died pretty quickly after the initial hype at its release. I guess if it's pretty sparse it practically dead anyways. "
I think it just had some server cut backs.  That did happen rather quickly after release.  I would have loved to try it, but I don't desire paying monthly subscriptions for any single game (which is why I'm excited for APB).
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  • No level cap increase
  • No new classes
  • New abilities, spells and combos
  • Alternate Advancement Point system for new feat trees

  • A new continent named Khitai based on Chinese and Korean culture
  • A new race of Chinese and Korean culture named Khitan
  • Khitai will have a larger area to explore
  • Playfields will be linked in the region thus eliminating the need for travel NPCs and gated doors
  • Khitai is split into five large gameplay regions and players will be able to travel there from one or more of the major hubs in the game

  • Gateway to Khitai (Level 20-40)
  • The Northern Grasslands
  • Chosain Province
  • Kara Korum
  • Paikang

  • Unknown at this time

  • Tiger mount
  • Wolf mount
  • New mounts cannot be bought from a vendor
  • New mounts can be tamed as a cub and trained to fight
  • Player must craft a saddle before being able to ride new mount

  • Ranks and titles which are faction based in Khitai
  • Ranks unlock special rewards, titles and additional tiers of quests
  • Players will have to choose which faction they ally themselves to
  • Separate quest lines for each faction
  • Betrayal quests
  • Four separate tiers of armor for each different faction

  • Pillars of Heaven    
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I can't believe the Khitai weren't there already to begin with. Isnt that where Conan learns, like, everything?

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Why do Expansions always feel the need to add an asian part of the game, now I have nothing against it at all, it's just an overused way of adding content, but who knows, maybe this will be the best expansion to ever be released.

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Plenty of people still play AoC.

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