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Age of Empires? or Age of Easy? 0

Age of Empires 3....... where to begin........Well to begin with, I didnt actually play this game until a year or two after it came out, and needless to say, I was QUITE surprised at what I found.Age of Empires 3 offers 8 playable factions for skirmish and multiplayer as well as a lengthly multi-Act campaign mode. In the campaign mode, the first act has you playing almost exclusively at low tech levels, with each act following it allowing you to go higher in the tech tree's, thus opening up more...

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It ain't ideal, but its good enough. 0

I loved Age of Empires 2, easily my favorite RTS. It improved on it's predecessor and perfected a formula for RTS that seperates Age of Empires from other franchises. I was extremely excited for the sequel. The graphics were amazing and the level of depth was still present from previous games. Training units in groups and Ships that are actually to scale were two of the many small but important additions. I also love haveing an army of musketeers, in any game really. Explorers are excellent unit...

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Arguably the Best Traditional RTS, Ever! 0

Without question, Age of Empires III stands as one of the finest examples of the traditional RTS that has ever been made. StarCraft II fans are always quick to challenge this statement, but a marriage between Blizzard and the eSports scene saps too much fun out of their genre mainstay. Rather than require an obscene action-per-minute count and rote memorization of build sequences, Ensemble’s PC swan song gives players the choice to game on their own terms. Through customization of a home c...

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