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So when you play a coop mission do you still get the quest rewards? I played my first yesterday and I didn't see any objectives or anything and by the time the other dude had finished and left all I was left with was the option to stick around or hit resign. Anyone know you're supposed to do?

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AFAIK yes you are supposed to get the same quest rewards.  When you get back to your capital city you should be able to turn in that quest and proceed to the next one.
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I've played several of co-op games, and the only quests I get rewards for are the ones I have active. Basically, what you need to do is look at your Quest list for co-op quests, look in "LFG" for people posting up that same quest and enter it, then you should have the same active objectives as the person you're in co-op with.

If the objectives don't come up then you're quest probably isn't active and you probably aren't going to have it register as a completed quest.

The other thing is that the guardian chests aren't shared from what I've observed.

#4 Posted by Tennmuerti (8304 posts) -

You need to have the same quest to both get credit.
Otherwise only the person who's quest it is gets credit.

#5 Posted by ticticchilitic (14 posts) -

I am not sure if this was recently patched or if I just missed it every time, but I was receiving XP completion bonuses for co-op quests even when not on the quest. The player on the quest gets full completion, while the co-op partner (if not on the same quest) gets a large XP reward (was getting 8-11k being level 17)

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