It just won't work!

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Okay, this isn't so much a problem with Age of Empires Online. It however is a problem with games for Windows live. This damn thing has been a problem for me ever since I got Fallout 3. Now I would love to play Age of Empires Online, but the windows live client makes it impossible. I try to log in and it gets to the point where it's downloading my profile. Then it just stays there for a few minutes and says it fails. I have no idea what to do. I can connect to my account on the 360, and the marketplace client on my computer. I've even updated everything I can think of that deals with the windows live client. I've been able to log into my account in AOEO on other computers, just not my own. Does anyone know what the hell is wrong with this? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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I had this problem with the older version of the GFWL client - seemed to go away when I went to the website and got the newest one. Haven't had the issue at all with AOEO.

- Scott

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