Just lost to someone with THREE town centres.

#1 Posted by Shaunage (796 posts) -

How on earth do you make more than one? He straight up refused to tell me.

#2 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -

Pay 50 dollars.

#3 Posted by Shaunage (796 posts) -

I'm on the paid version.

#4 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2763 posts) -

Just do it? It's in the building list. I had five or six in a coop game the other night. They also can put you above population max (140 with houses).

#5 Posted by DeeGee (2177 posts) -

... you click the town centre button in your build menu.

#6 Posted by ticticchilitic (14 posts) -

The building might not be unlocked until level 16ish? I think it requires 400 wood 400 stone

#7 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2072 posts) -

You also have to be on Age 3; from what I remember Age 3 is what triggers me being able to have up to four TCs.

#8 Posted by JamesKond (239 posts) -

If this was a Starcraft 2 thread, this would be so funny ;D

#9 Posted by JamesJiao (27 posts) -

You can build additional town centers once you hit the Silver Age - similar to the original aoe really.

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