Leaving a Co-op game as the invited player

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Me and my brother grabbed the game, its been fun, but how do you properly exit a coop game when its over? The host returns to their city but it seems the other player is stuck in game and has to logout/exit or start another mission and then exit that to get the option to return home.

Ideas? Did we miss some special button?

#2 Posted by Finstern (729 posts) -

quest map -> pick another city/your home city, travel to has work for me

#3 Edited by iragequit (337 posts) -

@Finstern: I'll try travelling to another city. Seems to me that my city was not available at that point for travel, unless I was hosting.

#4 Posted by Finstern (729 posts) -

aye, I think I've only been given the option to travel home once or twice from a coop mission, seems bugged.

#5 Posted by deskp (505 posts) -

i wasnt getting any mission objectives or anything when i was the second player, but when i was main the other player got that stuff, i think its just a bug or something

#6 Edited by iragequit (337 posts) -

@deskp: Ya I don't believe it counts for anything other than xp (although I'm doing cross race coop). It seems travelling to another city at the end is the easiest route back to your city.

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