Well, how to start this game

#1 Posted by Wuddel (2316 posts) -

Installed it. All I got is a "starter" that says. "The game is already running." And a grayed out "Play" button. ???

#2 Posted by intoblivion (346 posts) -
@Wuddel: I believe it should be patching, if not you might have somthing wrong with your internet connection, firewalls etc not letting it through 
#3 Posted by Halz (128 posts) -
@Wuddel: I had the same problem and just reinstalled the game and put the game in another folder than the program files (x86) folder and then it worked. Hope this helps.
#4 Edited by phrosen (170 posts) -
@Wuddel: I have had the same problem, but it plays fine when i run it as admin.
#5 Posted by Sargus (764 posts) -

For me, it sits for a minute on that screen (grayed out "Play" button and text telling me the game has launched), but it eventually loads up. If you have a really crappy computer it might be getting stuck there, but it's probably something else.

#6 Posted by DeeGee (2177 posts) -

@Wuddel: @Sargus:Both problems come from Games for Windows Live starting up.

#7 Posted by deskp (505 posts) -

For me it stays like that for maybe 30seconds tops then the game starts just fine.

#8 Posted by Musou (344 posts) -

A friend of mine was having some trouble with the launcher, turns out he wasn't executing it as an admin. After he did so it worked perfectly.

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