You have been banned from the current game LF006

#1 Posted by Stepside (558 posts) -

Has anybody seen this before when logging in? They're doing maintenance today so I'm not sure if everybody is getting this. I've certainly done nothing to get banned (never played PvP before). I bought the $100 subscription and I've certainly never cheated (if you even can).

#2 Posted by Selken (7 posts) -

@Stepside: I'm getting this to and I haven't done anything to get banned either. I found a forum post on the official forums saying to restart, but it didnt help :(

#3 Posted by Selken (7 posts) -

just found this, seems allot of people are having the problem

#4 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7597 posts) -

The game is offline for maintenance for the next few hours. If you're still banned after that, contact support. But I'd bet it's just because of the maintenance.

#5 Posted by UnrealDP (1258 posts) -

Yikes i just got this too, but the servers are down for mantinence, so who knows what kind of glitchy messages could pop up.

#6 Posted by Stepside (558 posts) -

Ok phew. I thought someone stole my login and pass and started messing with my shit :)

#7 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2763 posts) -

@Selken said:

just found this, seems allot of people are having the problem

How many people, would you say, are in an allot?

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