Best Ensemble game?

#1 Posted by dwarfzilla (169 posts) -

I personally think that it is the best 3D RTS. I can just jump into it and instantly understand the interface, units, and resource gathering. I think the fact that it is so generic is part of its charm, and it shows that you don't need to twist an already excellent formula to get a high review score- you just need to replicate it well. Nevermind how it was recieved when it came out- For me, it's the only "old" game that I still play, because it's so simple and fun.

#2 Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer (305 posts) -

Yes, absolutely. My first RTS actually. But uh, I'm pretty sure the game was recieved really well when it was released?

#3 Posted by thedez (139 posts) -

I really enjoy it, but Age 2 is essentially the same and will run on 10 year old hardware.  Microsoft has the demo on it's site.

#4 Posted by Gourdmaster (30 posts) -

i like galactic battlegrounds cause it has lasers and jedi in it. super cool.

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