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Age of Wonders III is a fantasy strategy game and the first installment of the Age of Wonders franchise in over a decade since Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic. It is created by the series' original developer Triumph Studios, who are best known for the Overlord series. Like the previous games in the series, it features simultaneous turns, detailed tactical combat and a lighter, streamlined approach to empire management.

New to the game is the concept of Classes. The player selects their leader from 6 different races (Human, High Elf, Draconian, Dwarf, Orc, Goblin), all of whom were present in previous Age of Wonders games. Each race has their own strengths and weaknesses (Dwarves are tough and strong, but slightly more expensive and slow. Humans are well-balanced, etc) and their own set of race-specific units. The player also selects from 6 different classes, which determines some of the abilities and spells of their leader as well as granting them access to a different set of class specific units. Since any race can be paired with any class, that allows for 36 different combinations of forces.


  • Warlord: Warfare focused leaders who excel at brute strength and increasing the power of their infantry. Uses units such as the Phalanx and the half-ogre Warbreed.
  • Rogue: Subterfuge focused leaders skilled at debilitating their enemies. Uses units such as the Melee/Ranged hybrid Scoundrels and the incorporeal Shadow Wraith.
  • Theocrat: Religious focused leaders with divine blessings and curses. Uses units such as the damage-absorbing Martyr and the heretic destroying Shrine of Smiting
  • Sorcerer: Magically focused leaders capable of summoning vast arcane power. Uses otherworldly units like Phantom Warriors and Eldritch Horrors
  • Dreadnought: Technologically focused leaders using new technologies, including muskets and mechanized units such as the Flame Tank.
  • Archdruid: Nature focused leaders whose druidic powers are aimed at summoning or enhancing creatures.

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