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The House of the Dead: Overkill

Taking place in 1991, The House of the Dead: Overkill is a prequel to the first game in the series. Special Agent G is partnered with Detective Washington and given his first mission. The two are out to investigate a series of disappearances and locate a man known as Papa Caesar in the small Louisiana town of Bayou City. Almost every character he meets has asked him what the letter G (Behind his enigmatic name) stands for but he refuses to give an answer. Detective Washington jokingly calls him "Agent Gwendolyn."

The House of the Dead

G is contacted by his partner, Thomas Rogan, after Rogan received a panicked phone call from his fiancée, Sophie Richards. Rogan and G head to the Curien Mansion to rescue Sophie and investigate a series of mysterious disappearances and deaths that have taken place there. The two agents encounter hordes of the undead and several larger creatures occupying the estate. Together they are forced to fight their way through the mansion in order to find who is at the heart of the incident. Rogan and G eventually find Dr. Curien in his restricted research facility where they are introduced to his most powerful creation, The Magician (Type 0). To prevent The Magician from leaving the mansion grounds and destroying mankind, Rogan and G confront and defeat The Magician. Both agents leave the mansion at the game's conclusion.

G is controlled by Player 2 throughout the entire game.

The House of the Dead 2

Agent G injured in House of the Dead 2

Two years after the incident at the Curien Mansion, AMS has launched an investigation to discover the cause of the Curien case. Agent G is sent to find a man named Caleb Goldman who is believed to be located in Venice, Italy. Unfortunately, contact with G is lost during his mission. The AMS agency then sends agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart to find G and complete his assignment. G is found alive but severely wounded. He warns the main protagonists, "Don't underestimate the enemy." He then hands James an item, though is never revealed to the player what it is. As James is leaving, G tells him that AMS agents Amy Crystal and Harry Harris are coming to back them up. G is only seen again in the game's "Normal Ending" among the crowd of civilians.

The House of the Dead III

G used to be exceptionally cold and calculating and would use any means necessary to complete the assignments he was given. However, since the Curien mansion incident, his perspective has changed. His former employer, AMS, had disbanded after the world collapse of 2003 but this did not stop his quest for answers. He believed that the collapse of society had something to do with his previous assignments. G was contacted by Lisa Rogan, the daughter of his former partner, Thomas Rogan. She informs him that during a raid on the EFI Research Facility, her father was taken captive and that his team was killed by creatures very similar to those he had faced at the Curien mansion. G agrees to help Lisa find her father. The two head to EFI building armed with shotguns and encounter a large amount of zombies and several, more formidable undead enemies. During the game the two talk about Lisa's relationship with her parents and how she is always compared to her father. Lisa and G eventually find Rogan unharmed only to discover that Daniel Curien had saved his life. G leads Rogan to safety while Lisa and Daniel continue further into the building to fight The Wheel of Fate (Type 0000). Rogan and G escape the building at night where Rogan thanks G for taking care of his daughter. G denies it, explaining that she took good care of herself and that she is starting to sound a lot like her father.

G is controlled by Player 2 throughout the entire game except for the Prologue and Final Chapter.

The House of the Dead IV

G only appears in House of the Dead 4 in a secret ending. He is seen looking at the remains of a fellow agent. During the scene G tells the agent to rest now. The scene ends with him walking off.

The House of the Dead: Overkill

Agent G is the player character in The House of the Dead: Overkill. Unlike previous entries in the series, whose campy presentation is at least somewhat unintentional, Overkill is intentionally presented like a grindhouse film, with overdramatic, ludicrous characters and frequent cursing. Agent G is portrayed as a sarcastic straight-man in the game, with a running gag of people asking what the "G" stands for.

House of the Dead (Film)

At the end of Uwe Boll's 2003 film, House of the Dead, AMS agents arrive to investigate what has happened on the island. Rogan and G step out of a helicopter and begin questioning Rudy Curien. In the film however, G is portrayed as African American, played by Colin Lawrence.

Agent G played by Colin Lawrence

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