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Agents are special programs that take the guise of government agents and they can generally be found tracing, tracking, chasing and fighting dissidents inside The Matrix. Their role can also be used in intelligence gathering, such as kidnapping known rebels in order extract information about 'real world' rebel forces.

Aside from superhuman, strength and speed, Agents have the unique ability to permeate into and commandeer any RSI (Residual Self Image) belonging to any 'bluepill' (human plugged into The Matrix that has not been freed). This basically means that an agent cannot die. While their current body can be destroyed, they can immediately transfer to a nearby bluepill RSI.

Agents are generally known as being invincible, and the destruction of an agent is a badge of accomplishment for any rebel.

PointLeaderAgent 2Agent 3
The first trio of Agents
Agent Smith
Agent Jones
Agent Brown
Upgraded Agents
Agent Johnson
Agent Jackson
Agent Thompson
The Matrix Online
Agent Gray
Agent Pace

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