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Ai Senshi Nicol ("Love Warrior Nicol") is a sci-fi action-adventure game from Konami, released on the Famicom Disk System in Japan only. The game is functionally similar to The Legend of Zelda (or The Guardian Legend, for a sci-fi variant) as the game is depicted from a top-down view where the ultimate goal is to explore a large, non-linear map for quest items, in this case a series of diamonds. Upon discovering the diamond in one world, the player can move onto the next.

Nicol, the (male) protagonist, is spurred into action when aliens kidnap his girlfriend and he chases after them in hot pursuit. Nicol relies on his raygun for eliminating most enemies, though his various abilities can be upgraded by finding items which improve his attack, allow him to walk over hazardous ground and so on.

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