Aion Vs Lineage 2

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ok so i was hanging out a game center saturday and we started talking about aion, and some one said aion is just lineage 2 with wings is there any truth to this. Cause im playing aion and i was just wonder cause i never played lineage 2.     Now ofcourse aion is better lookin but what about all the other stuff.
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L2 doles out new abilities MUCH slower, you're forced into group-required encounters much earlier, and the PvP starts earlier. I'd say they're about as similar as WoW and Guild Wars, in that, not really except that they're fantasy-inspired worlds in which players make characters and advance through levels and abilities :)
This is no value judgment on L2 nor Aion (nor WoW or GW). It's just they're pretty different games when you get down to playing them, even though from trailers and screenshots, they "feel" the same. Of course, that basis of comparison could lead people to say Freespace 2 and Eve Online are the same too :D

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cool thanks was just wonderin.

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