Open Beta has begun

#1 Posted by atheistium (352 posts) -

Well if anyone was interested in checking out this game the open beta has begun.  
Let us know what server you are playing and character names. [Server list]
Download the client at

#2 Posted by Sticky_Pennies (2020 posts) -

Downloading now. 9.1GB... Jebus.

#3 Posted by JJWeatherman (14575 posts) -
@atheistium: Is this for anyone? You don't need a beta key or anything?
#4 Posted by MrGetBonus (787 posts) -

Well, after spending like an 1.5 hrs refreshing the ncsoft account page, I finally updated my password. That's what I get for putting it off I suppose. Anyway, I'm rolling and Elyos Spiritmaster named Mrgetbonus on Siel. Plan on being Asmodian but I've been through that startin area like 5 times on the Chinese Beta so I'm not gonna burn myself out too much on it.

#5 Posted by atheistium (352 posts) -
@JJWeatherman: Fileplanet are giving away free keys I believe.
#6 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6655 posts) -

I don't even think I can run it...heh.

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