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Korewan Communism

 After 30 or so levels I and everybody I know have unsubscribed from Aion. The game itself is flawed by a few things: Ranged classes dominate PvP in the Abyss, leveling is uncreative and nearly 100% a grindfest on recycled monster textures, and most notably there is apparently ZERO support in North America for this game. Recently the games chat is being spammed heavily by gold farmers, with no GMs to get rid of them; every hour you’ll need to ignore/block around 10 or 20 gold farmers in order to communicate to find a group… to grind with. And a quick note on grouping, there is no Need / Greed or class based loot system, and sadly I’ve seen group members take items that are no trade to vendor from people that could use them. This complete lack of support further compounds the problems, PvP is terribly skewed toward the ranged classes (who would of thought that kiting classes would dominate a three-dimensional battlefield? lawlkorewa). Anyways, after I got over the nice graphics and animations, I realized I was playing Everquest 1 and having almost no fun what-so-ever. So, through the roller coaster ride that was Aion I can confidently say I will never play it again. I’m sure the game is fun if you are a social outcast that enjoys watching the same episodes of your favorite anime over and over. If you want a great MMORPG, go play World of Warcraft or be one of the handful that still play Warhammer Online; Aion is nothing but feathery fluff. Better yet, just wait for The Old Republic and go spend time with your friends and family you scum bags.


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