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Airan Jo is the secondary protagonist in the Nintendo 64 import game, Sin and Punishment. She is playable through the second act, and controlls exactly the same as Saki. Like Saki, She too is the one of the last of the Japanese rebellion dubbed "Relief Group." Airan, and the holy woman Achi manage to gain control of a transport that they plan to use to leave Tokyo, but Saki is accidentaly left behind and transforms into a gigantic Ruffian beast. Saki out of rage and anger destroys all in his path, including the transport, but Achi manages to teleport along with Achi to safety, and they both arrive inside an Armed Volunteer flagship. After arriving, an intercom is played with the voice of the Armed Volunteer commander, Brad. Airan becomes enraged and shoots the intercom, and goes to confront the commander. She and Achi arrive on the flagship and fight Brad and his "pet", Leda. Leda is killed, and Brad survives the battle with Achi, and stands ontop of a jet fighter. Achi then tears apart a piece of the bridge and both sides fight it out in the skies. This time, Brad is defeated, and as he dies, all the other Armed Volunteers supposedly die, and in his dying breath, Brad summons a gigantic warship that fires a warhead at Saki. Airan intercepts the warhead, and Achi tells her of a way to return Saki to his human form, but it requires her to render Saki unconsious by firing at his head. Airan refuses, and after an arguement, Airan finds herself on a subway with a 5 year old boy. She learns that she is on Long Island, and that the train is being overrun by ruffians. Airan fights her way through looking for answers, and discovers that she's ten years in the future. She becomes confused, wondering if it's a warning to her. Airan asks the boy's name, and is sure to remember the name "Issa Amamiya". After reaching the front car, she finds Saki, who has apparently sided with the ruffians. Airan finally understands the meaning behind the vision and realizes that there is a future where she and Saki are married, and Issa is there son. Airan assures Issa that she will meet him again, and shoots Saki in the head. Airan awakens from the vision, and realizes that Achi "used a child" to get Airan to shoot Saki.

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