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AirMan appeared in Mega Man Battle Network 2 as the first boss. he infiltrated Yai's heating system with his operator posing as a repairman. In fact, AirMan is working for Gospel, a criminal organization that serves as the main antagonist of the game. he is defeated, and returns later in the game preventing Lan from accessing the leader of Gospel.

Battle Data

  • Element - None
  • HP - 300, 500 (V2), 700 (V3)
  • Attacks
    • Air burst: AirMan fires a burst of air from his chest straight down the row he is currently in.
    • Triple Tornado: releases three tornadoes at once lining all three rows with one moving faster or slower than the other two.

Recommended Strategies

The air burst is pretty easy to dodge, just make sure that you're not in his row when he releases it. The triple tornado requires you to carefully watch the speed of the tornadoes, since one of them is going to move faster or slower than the other two, allowing you to dodge them. Overall, a pretty easy boss in his earlier stages, but his attacks become faster as he becomes stronger, and does more damage. He's a pretty simple boss that shouldn't give much trouble.

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