What's Your Favorite Jet Fighter or Military Plane?

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Yo bitches (I can say bitches in the text, just not in the title),  
Looking through the list of planes, I noticed there's a lot on the site.  Some are better than others while almost all of them have been in games.  You got the fighter jets, the bombers, the support plans, and everything in between. 
What's your favorite plane and why? 
My personal favorite:  The F-22 Raptor, AKA the closest thing to an X-Wing fighter, AKA the hight of American (and World) Military Power, AKA Unbeatable Jet.  If there was a battle of 40 of Europe's best jets against just one F-22, the F-22 would smoke all of them in minutes.  It's the Super Saiyan of planes and it's exclusive to the United States of America, no lie...there's a carpet ban on even giving a single bit of the technology to even the best of friends.  This plane isn't even allowed to be touched by someone of a different country by those who build it.      

Not Even Luke Skywalker Could Shoot This Down 
There's also the F-18 Hornet which is a solid piece of work but it's too old school and lacks the artistic power of the F-22.   
So, what's your favorite planes?
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@KaosAngel said:

If there was a battle of 40 of Europe's best jets against just one F-22, the F-22 would smoke all of them in minutes.   

I bet 2 SU-34s can knock your F-22s out of the skies.
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Jet fighters are just a myth.

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Fokker Dr.I!
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As to be the Spitfire.   

That Merlin engine sounds stunning.  
Would add the A10 Warthog to. 
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I asked google what the best fighter was and it said the F-22 Raptor, so i guess i'll say that.

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yeah. the F/A-22 is pretty sweet 
It's either that or the F-14 tomcat  
just because the wings are all kinds of sweet. 
or the VTOL Harrier Jump Jet... 

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I have to say the A-10 "Warthog." A gun with wings that can hold any kind of missile or bomb, how badass is that.

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but then there's the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird...   
But then again, if this ain't shit hot I don't know what is

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fuck you kaos 
now I have Fighter planes on my mind...

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@Red12b: I'm tempted to pick up Ace Combat 5 and Zero, and have been wanting to do it for the entire day.  Only thing on my mind since the afternoon was jets...debating to get H.A.W.X. 2, but it's cheaper than Ace Combat 5/Zero...so that's not a good sign. 
@dfox: That plane is the shit too.  BOW BOW BOW!
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What did maverick drive 
that thing

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I think the russian su-27 just looks *so* beautiful, so that!

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@TrueEnglishGent:  The Spitfire is indeed an amazing plane so that's one my choices. I can't forget the P-51 Mustang though. That thing is amazing too.
Also, the A-10 Warthog ranks high for me based on looks alone.
Lastly, the AC-130 is one of my favs based on the whole concept of the thing. Everything about it is just well...cool. Except for the fact that a lot of the ones still in service are pretty old, but other than that, it's pretty damn impressive.
Special mention for the V-22 Osprey though. It's technically a plane sometimes which makes up for the helicopter part. And as you know, we here at GB, along with 50 Cent and Abe Lincoln, don't like messin' with no helicopters.
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     Run Away, run away fast.  
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@KaosAngel said:

" @Red12b: I'm tempted to pick up Ace Combat 5 and Zero

DO THAT. Those are two of my all time favourite PS2 games. 
I'm going to have to say the Su-34. Aside from being a cool looking and modern jet, it also contains a kitchen and bathroom behind the cockpit.
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For whatever reason I've always loved the P-40. It's got a face painted on!

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The SA-43 Hammerhead Endo/Exo trans-atmospheric attack jet. 

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The F-22 is unbeatable because they're all sat in hangars in case they scratch the paintwork!  But sure, if you put an RAF pilot in it (which has happened by the way), it could probably take out 40 of (contintental) Europe's best fighters in a few minutes.
I'd probably go for the Vulcan bomber, because just look at it.  It's so fucking Cold War and awesome.  Also because of this.

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A10 Warthog baby.
Butt ugly and covered in guns.

 Look at that damn thing!
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A10 Warthog all the way son

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