Akaneiro Kickstarter (next game by Spicy Horse)

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Since there's nothing else on this game here i thought i might as well start this thread.

Akanerio is the next game by the guys who made Alice Madness Returns, and it's an ARPG with an artstyle simlar to Okami. It's got a Kickstarter with 11 days left, however there's a difference between this and other Kickstarters. The Kickstarter for this isn't to make/complete the game, as that's pretty much already done. The Kickstarter is to add extra content to the game, or create other versions for other systems. The game is going to be free to play supposedly, even though it's not really a multiplayer game at all, in fact co-op is one of the features to be added in the Kickstarter.

There doesn't seem to be much on this game here, so i figured i'd let you guys know, since a lot of you liked Madness Returns.


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