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Akinari is a young man slightly older than the protagonist who is dying from a genetic disease. By agreeing to sit and listen to his tale, the protagonist establishes the "Dying Young Man" social link of the Sun Arcana. Through spending time with Akinari, the protagonist learns of his hobby of reading, as it allows Akinari to forget about his disease and the fact that he is alone in life. Eventually Akinari reveals that he is writing a novel. 

Social Link

In order to initiate Akinari's social link, the protagonist must raise Maiko's social link of the Hanged Man Arcana to level 3. The protagonist must then bring Akinari his fountain pen that he lost. The fountain pen is found with Koromaru.

This novel is about a pink alligator who like Akinari is alone in life due to his differences. His pink skin also makes it very difficult for the alligator to hunt. The alligator eventually befriends a bird who is unable to fly, and the two become friends due to their differences. One day when the alligator is dizzy from not having enough food he accidentally swallows his bird friend. When he realizes what he has done he tries to vomit up the bird, only to find that the bird is already dead. The alligator begins to cry constantly, and eventually drown himself in his own tears. His tears form a beautiful lake that all the animals come to love, without knowing the story behind it's creation. By creating such a beautiful thing for so many creatures the alligator had found it's meaning in life.

Max Social Link

Akinari reveals to the protagonist that halfway through the writing of his book, he stopped taking his medication as it only hinders his writing. He has also stopped going to the hospital as his body is too weak to undergo surgery. Sometime between his 9th and 10th Social Links, Akinari dies after finishing his book. His spirit lingers at the bench at Naganaki Shrine where he meets the protagonist in order to give him his notebook containing the completed product, stating that he is glad that he met the protagonist and has found his meaning in life. Akinari then vanishes before the protagonist's eyes.  
When the player max out Akinari Social Link, the persona Asura can be fuse in the Velvet Room
The Sun Arcana

If the player visits Naganaki Shrine in the final days of the game, Akinari's mother will be there. She talks about her final conversations with her son, and how she vows to live a full life so she will be able to discuss her life with her son the day they meet again. She is relieved to hear that Akinari finished his story, and gave it to the protagonist.

Persona 4

Akinari is referenced in Kanji Tatsumi's Social Link in Persona 4 where he mentions a book about a "pink alligator" in it. It is implied that Akinari's book was published and became a success.

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