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Akira Satou is Lilly Satou's older sister. She attended a strict catholic girls only school together with Lilly. Despising her life there she left to work at her fathers company as soon as she could. She currently works in the legal department of her fathers company as a lawyer.


Akira spent part of her childhood together with Lilly and her parents in a modern Japanese city. They're a wealthy high class family with her father being placed in a high position within a large company. When she and her sister were in their teens their parents left for Scotland due to her father getting an offer for a high standing job position within the company he works for. They decided to move to Scotland permanently leaving Akira and her younger sister to take care of themselves. Akira already had a job with her fathers company which lead to her blind sister Lilly being forced to take care of the home. She's currently working in the law department of the same company as her father as a lawyer.

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