Akira Yamaoka fans, attention!

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It turns out the Akira Yamaoka is now doing the soundtrack to that game that Suda51 and Shinji Mikami on that unannounced game they're working on.  
Apparently it's a survival horror game! Why didn't I know about this? This makes me really excited. I know that Suda51 can create seriously messed up environments - just look at Killer7. Now, imagine the weird stylings of Suda51, the experience of Shinji Mikami and the MUSIC of Akira Yamaoka... and that's what this game will be! Call me excited! Yamaoka is my favorite VG composer besides Uematsu, his work on Silent Hill 2 was sublime.  
Not only is he joining them for this game, apparently he is hoping to be an in house composer for Grasshopper Manufacture!

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I agree, the music of the Silent Hill games is a major factor that contributes to their overall creepy atmosphere, and one that doesn't get nearly enough credit.
I couldn't be more excited,

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Yeah it's good news, he's the perfect guy for the job given his experience on SH and being a fan of Grasshopper's Suda and No More Heroes. It's a good fit. 
The EA game was announced a good while ago now.  
If you weren't already aware, both  Suda and Mikami worked together on Killer 7.
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